प्लिज ! बालक फेला परेको सुचना आफ्नै बालक सम्झेर सेयर गरौ !‘ तपाइको १ सेयरले हराएको बालकले आमाको काख पाउने छ …यो बच्चा लाल्बन्दि मा बेवारिसे अवास्था मा भेटियेको ले कस्को नानि हो सबै जना ले शेयर गरि मद्दत गरिदिनहुन अनुरोध गर्दछु

Chicago, United States – Saturday morning.10-year-old Henry Heli has risen.He is in pizza, but a blue light is mounted on his microphone connected headphone. She has started playing ‘Fortune’ of the children’s popular online games on a big screen.
‘Flame?’ I was about to win, I would die, ‘he says to a friend named Goss.
The family of these classmates, five classrooms, is home to Henry’s house only two to four miles away.
‘Friend, I did not have to bite.’
The digital batter (competition) between them starts again, and Henry’s enthusiasm has not come down.If parents fail not to keep playing for a day?‘Possibly,’ he accepts.But they do not play. Like many other parents, Heliels have made a lot of efforts to limit the digital game of Henri and his 15-year-old brother Everest. For some parents it is practicing vain. They are very busy, and how much to deal with digital content found anywhere?Every day, Henry has to fight every day, his father said.‘It’s a bit frustrated,’ she says, ‘her mother, Barbara Helly, says,’ It’s a bit frustrated. ‘ Tell me how bad is mother. Why does it say for Kaka. ‘

Experts say that when the children grow older, they should think of themselves in their own way, think and become physically active and know what the society is. They say they are starting to get involved in more society when they are offline. But in many U.S. households parents are facing a lot of struggle with their children.

The Communty Media has recently been mobile with 95 percent of this age in children surveyed from 13 to 17 years. 70 percent of them look at what is social network many times a day. In 2012 only 34 percent used social networks. More than half, the mobile said that they would bring them to school at the time of homework.

Some technology sector companies have started maintaining more about digital abuse and abuse of digital media.

Apple company has added the ‘Screen Time’ feature to its latest iPhone software. This monitors the use of apps and helps users determine their limitations of app usage to their parents. Google Fur Families and Google Play and more apps also provide services to monitor parents such as monitoring and applying any kind of control facility.

But these features are not set automatically on mobile.

The same problem came to the house of Hekogothithi Heli. Her father Ellen Haley of Niiley said that she spent a lot of time in the WiFi spending a big son Everett. The son spent more than four hours in sports on day sports, other entertaining games and social networks.

Allen says ‘I do not know how much time she spent time online’. Then Ellen decided to turn off certain hours WiFi. He stopped one-hour WiFi without warning.

One minute, Everest at social network was talking to a friend. ‘Then he went out.’ He went out on hearing this injustice. The father listened to Everest. He told Everest to read the book or play a basketball.

Everest has been saying repeatedly, ‘I have not done anything wrong.’

The researchers studying these trends do not like it as ‘Kulat’.

Its official and authentic impact has not been studied in the field of mental health.

However, the World Health Organization has said such trend in its list ‘Gaming Stirch or Gadbandi’. Digital sports brings serious disruption to relationships, school and work. It is still being studied by American health bodies.

Sometimes, according to the experts, digital integrity makes the current situation even worse, such as depression, anxiety increases. Therefore, there is a digital device with teens who came for treatment at the Newport Academy, and it is not necessary to check.

‘One of the symptoms often shows excessive use of smartphones,’ says Administrator of Newport Academy and Clinical Social Worker Heather Cunning Monroe, “It is the biggest problem.”
Allen continued to persuade her eldest son to read at least 30 minutes in the day. With the time set at Wi-Fi, Everest got out of the house and bought two books.

Today, both children are on mobile for mobile, and then start playing soccer. Everett also plays a saxophone. Henri has begun to play butter and drums have started learning.
How to limit the child from viewing the mobile? Parents should be aware about the matter. Otherwise, it can be a complex problem.
The current generation of children is the first generation growing digital gadgets. In the same way, it has to be learned about the impact on childhood. As it is detected, it has shown evidence of smartphone and iPhone in terms of childhood and mental development.

If smartphones are lost from the children running a smartphone, they get angry. Let’s cry. Smartphone phones do not even come to attack. Do not run smartphones, feel lazy, depressed, and do not show any interest in anything.

In spite of running a smartphone or ipad, it is frightening to study the child’s mind