म अन्धिलाई १ सेयर र भोट गर्नुस प्लिज सारा भारतीयलाई जितेर ‘सगरमाथा चुमेरै फर्किन्छु’ गोजीमा १३ रुपैयाँ नभएकि मेनुका टप तेह्रमा, (भिडियो सहित)जिते भने त ठिकै छ, हारेभने नेपाल फर्किने खर्च समेत छैन ,अब हेरौ जे हुन्छ राम्रैका लागि हुन्छ भन्छन्, एक-एक थोक होला ।

If you win, there is no cost to return to Nepal because of the fact that, if it is good, it would be good for you to say that it would be one thing. Tikaram Neti has been able to co-ordinate Manuu Poudel in Nepal in Nepal as “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” of ZEE TV, which is considered the biggest hit composition of Indian music sector. He has succeeded in achieving 99 decimal 3 in Top 13 on Saturday night. Binihan Manuu Poudel, who is home to Jhapa, is the first time from Zappa Haldibari village, Zhee-e-ZEE TV’s “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa”. The singer singers of India are contesting with him as well. On Sunday, the contestants from Anushka Banerjee and Maharishi were out and Supriya Chakravarti Danger was in zones.

Earlier, Nepal was still a contestant in Season 1 of Season 1 as Manu Nepali Nepali music player was successful even though she was unable to get involved in top 11 and was wired. The vision of micro-vision has occurred since 7 years of age. Zai TV, who participated in pre-Adidis, has won the opportunity to win Sama, as a professional vocalist singer in the successful Indian singing field.
Another contestant, Sushil Kumar, floors the jury and judges with his entertainment performances. He’s not selected though for his voice doesn’t make the cut. One of the contestants who graces the stage of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, a shampoo vendor from Delhi, sings Tum Toh Thehere Pardesi. The jury and audience are thoroughly happy with his entertaining performance. In fact, the judges’ trio even meets him on the stage. He gets a 93 per cent vote from the jury and gets a yay from all the three judges for the mega audition.

Ryadhni Tyagraj, a contestant hailing from Mumbai, sings Jab Tak Hai Jaan’s Jiya Jiya Re. For her performance, she gets a 73 per cent vote from the jury. Before announcing the judges’ decision, the judges and jury ask her father, Tyagraj to participate and perform on stage. He agrees and sings Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. His performance gets a 93 per cent from the jury. Both the daughter and father get a gateway to mega auditions. Next performance is by Gurbinder Singh from Ludhiana who performs Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Saiyaan.
Courtesy: The Times of India