तिहारको बेलामा एक सेकेन्ड पनि बत्ति जान नदिई नेपालै झिलिमिली बनाउने कुलमान घिसिङ्गको बारेमा बन्यो यस्तो सुन्दर गीत- हेर्नुहोस (भिडियो सहित)
Kathmandu, 10th November, Now Nepal is out of Loads Shedding. It’s a contribution of Kulmaan ghising and people give him the honor more than any big leaders. But Nepal has facing very big problems in political scenario.

Political instability and leg pulling policy are very big disease for Development of Nepal. Now many staffs and minister are trapping Kulman for his work. They are avoid his contribution and stuck I game of throne. Here is a beautiful song about Kulmaan ghising।।